Filmax Offers SUPERTHINGS: Rivals of Kaboom—Kazoom Power


Filmax arrives at MIPJunior and MIPCOM with the new series SUPERTHINGS: Rivals of Kaboom—Kazoom Power, which tells the story of the adventures embarked upon by young Kai, Finn and Mia.

The friends from the sixth grade find themselves caught up in the adventure of their lives when Enigma calls on them to travel to Kaboom City, a fantastic world where everyday objects have become superheroes and supervillains. Themes include the power of imagination, the importance of teamwork and healthy rivalry as a source of motivation.

The series is produced by Filmax, Tandem Films and Turanga Films as part of a 3D animation franchise for children, which includes a two-season series with a
total of 52 episodes, along with a movie.

The first season of the series is set to air in Spain at the end of 2024. The second season is scheduled to arrive to the Spanish small screen in 2025. The feature film is to be released in 2026, one year after the second season of the series’ premiere.

Both the series and the movie have been developed in parallel with the SUPERTHINGS toys. Sold by Spanish company Magicbox in over 20 countries, the toys have become a best-selling toy in Spain, the U.K. and other European countries.

The project, which has the support of Spain’s RTVE, À Punt (Valencia region), ICEC and ICAA, was presented by Filmax at the recent Cartoon Forum in Toulouse.

The franchise is backed by such industry players as Carlos Bleycher (Pocoyo) as the main writer; Keytoon Animation Studio, with brothers David and Jonathan Cuevas in charge of directing the series; and José Luis Ucha (My Little Pony) as the creator of the bible.

Among the producers of the series are Carlos Fernández (The Hairy Tooth Fairy) and Laura Fernández (The Chapel) from Filmax, Pablo Bossi (Turu, the Wacky Hen) and Cristina Zumárraga (Lost & Found) from Tandem Films and Lina Badenes (Turu and the Wackies) from Turanga Films. The movie will be directed by Víctor Monigote, director of Turu, the Wacky Hen.

Filmax, which recently celebrated its 70th anniversary during the recent edition of the San Sebastian Film Festival, will be showing the first images of the series to buyers at MIPCOM and MIPJunior.

Ivan Diaz, head of international at Filmax, commented: “SUPERTHINGS is a global move for us, a true commitment to a franchise that will include a two-season series and a movie. Given the international commercial success of the Magicbox toys, we believe that this IP has the potential to become one of the strongest on the market, and we have complete faith in its global vocation.”

David Bella, CEO of Magicbox, noted: “The project makes us feel very excited, given the high quality of the series. It perfectly reflects the essence of the SUPERTHINGS universe with a lot of action and humor. This is an amazing opportunity for kids around the globe to feel inspired, engaged and have great fun with the adventures of SUPERTHINGS.”