Annecy Spotlight: Rainbow Group


Mermaid Magic is a high-budget CGI fantasy adventure show from Rainbow Group that will be released on Netflix worldwide in Q3 this year.

It follows the adventures of mermaid princess Merlinda and her friends Sasha and Nerissa as they discover the surface world on an adventure-filled journey to save their magical underwater realm called Mertropia from the fearsome pirate Barbarossa and his sea monsters. Iginio Straffi, Rainbow’s founder and CEO, calls it a “series full of magic, colors, action, humor, strong emotions and great values such as environmental protection.”

Gormiti—The New Era is Rainbow’s new live-action series based on the Giochi Preziosi brand launched in 2005. The show follows four boys from Earth chosen to become the new generation of Scions, heroes called to save Gorm.

“We are working to develop long-lasting stories that we hope will continue to entertain audiences for a long time,” adds Straffi.