Annecy Spotlight: ZDF Studios


ZDF Studios is showcasing a mix of established and brand-new properties.

“TV channels and streaming providers are relying on proven hits, franchises, long-standing brands and reboots,” says Oliver Grundel, Director Junior. “This trend benefits established IPs like Grisù.”

The company is also highlighting the 3D-animated Sam and Julia, which is produced in a stop-motion style to match the real-doll atmosphere of Karina Schaapman’s best-selling book series, off which the program is based.

In Tobie Lolness, the very tiny Tobie’s father makes a discovery that has the potential to permanently damage their entire world, leading to exile.

The ZDF Studios Junior slate also features the 26×22-minute animated series Klincus.

“European animation is gaining recognition for its unique storytelling and artistic quality, resonating with children and family audiences worldwide.”