MIPCOM Spotlight: The Jim Henson Company


The Jim Henson Company’s top program highlights include the titles Wowsabout, Dani Can Dance and Jim Henson’s Monster Jam (w.t.).

The all-new lineup of projects is geared toward preschool-aged audiences. Wowsabout is true to the company’s roots, using live puppets to drive the show. It follows a guitar-playing hedgehog and a tree-loving pig on their adventures as they experience the wonders of the natural world, and the show ultimately seeks to connect children to the Earth.

Dani Can Dance and Jim Henson’s Monster Jam star computer-generated characters and were “created with a global audience in mind,” says Kerry Novick, VP of global distribution. The three highlights “showcase the top talent, gifted artists and cutting-edge technology that ensure our shows stand out in a crowded marketplace.”

Novick says, “International buyers have the opportunity to be part of the next wave of iconic properties from The Jim Henson Company.”