Banijay Pacts with French Filmmaker Alain Goldman


Banijay has entered into a partnership with award-winning French producer Alain Goldman through the production entities Pitchipoï Productions and Montmartre Films (previously Légende Films).

The partnership will see Goldman and the group come together to grow a pipeline of premium quality scripted IP, across series and feature-length films.

Goldman has won Oscars, Césars, BAFTAs and a Golden Globe. His credits in the streaming space include Netflix’s The Spy (Sacha Baron Cohen), Amazon Prime’s Flashback (Caroline Vigneaux) and The Mad Women’s Ball (Mélanie Laurent). Upcoming titles include the feature film Verde, directed by Cédric Jimenez (The Stronghold).

Goldman commented: “Banijay shares our vision for the company going forward, and their immediate understanding and belief in our ethos makes them the perfect partner for our future. Joining a forward-thinking global company like Banijay gives us the ability to reach even greater heights in the years to come.”

François de Brugada, CEO of Banijay France, said: “Banijay provides solace for talent who wish to be creatively free from the constraints of a single creative content strategy. Here they can create across all genres for audiences both in their region…and beyond. In partnering with Alain, we wish to support him in his strive to maintain and evolve a healthy pipeline of scripted titles spanning movies and series. We have no doubt, that in collaboration with the team in France, he will be a central pillar in supporting our ambitions to generate a larger portfolio of premium fiction.”