Wednesday, October 16, 2019
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MIPCOM Spotlight: ORF-Enterprise


ORF-Enterprise has a fourth season of Suburbia–Women on the Edge, which follows five seemingly ordinary housewives whose lives are far more scandalous than their high-society exteriors would suggest.

Meanwhile, the European co-production Empire of the Vineyard, a 4K offering from the ORF UNIVERSUM Nature and History strand, gives viewers a peek at the flora and fauna of the vineyards of Austria, Germany and France, showcasing the drama of the creatures’ microworlds.

Also from UNIVERSUM is Richard the Lionheart, a documentary that explores the questions and mysteries that surround the titular ruler, “with high-quality reenactments of crucial moments of his reign and featuring interviews with leading historians,” says Armin Luttenberger, ORF-Enterprise’s head of content sales international.

“We are convinced that strong brands like ORF UNIVERSUM, as well as TV series and movies from ORF’s creative output, will continue to be a match for international broadcasters and platforms,” adds Luttenberger.

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