MIPCOM Spotlight: Rai Com


Based on the successful novels by Maurizio de Giovanni, Il Commissario Ricciardi is a lead project that Rai Com will be speaking to buyers about.

It is set in the 1930s on the streets of Naples, where a young detective refuses to leave a case unsolved. Thanks to a special gift, he can see the ghosts of those who have been murdered and hear their last thoughts. David Bogi, the head of international distribution and business development at Rai Com, says the show is a combination of the crime, mystery and supernatural genres “for a solid and engaging story.”

The story of the man who gave rise to the famed Vespa scooter is explored in the movie Enrico Piaggio. The slate is capped off by Meraviglie 2. “The international version is already distributed in over 40 countries, and it finally has a second season with six further episodes,” says Bogi.

Bogi adds, “We focus on having a diversity of genres that have broad international appeal.”