NENT Group Extends Danish Superliga Rights


Nordic Entertainment Group (NENT Group) will continue to deliver Danish Superliga football until 2024.

The deal keeps live coverage of Denmark’s Superliga, 1st Division and DBU Pokalen cup competitions on NENT Group’s Viaplay streaming service, as well as on the TV3+, TV3 SPORT and TV3 Max channels in Denmark, until 2024. NENT Group has been covering Danish football since 1998.

The Nordic company has been strengthing its sports lineup, extending its exclusive Danish, Finnish and Swedish media rights to the Premier League, and acquiring the exclusive Nordic rights to Germany’s Bundesliga, France’s Ligue 1, the Netherlands’ Eredivisie, Belgium’s First Division A, the Scottish Premiership and the 2019 Copa América.

Anders Jensen, NENT Group’s president and CEO, noted, “This agreement takes our support of Danish football beyond 25 years and again demonstrates our focus on successful long-term partnerships. Year in and year out, we work together to innovate and deliver even more exciting experiences to fans across the Nordic region. We share Denmark’s passion for football and will ensure the best and broadest coverage across our streaming services and TV channels.”

Kim Mikkelsen, NENT Group’s head of sport, added, “Danish football is in great shape, and the changes to the Superliga format, together with the clubs’ ongoing investments in infrastructure and talent, will make the upcoming seasons even more thrilling. Our goal is to continue hitting the net when it comes to the quality, insightfulness and reach of our coverage. We look forward to another five years of close and successful partnership.”