ZDF Enterprises Invests in Nadcon Film


ZDF Enterprises has taken over Constantin Film’s shares in Nadcon Film, which was founded with Peter Nadermann in 2012 to co-produce film and television projects.

Nadermann has worked on a slew of movies and series for ZDF Enterprises and Network Movie, including Beck, The Killing, The Bridge, the Millennium trilogy and The Team. He will continue to run the outfit as managing director. The company recently produced two series, Spring Tide and Greyzone.

Nadermann commented, “I’m really looking forward to the renewed collaboration with ZDF Enterprises. Together, we’ve achieved many great things upon which I’d love to build. The modern world of media is an exciting challenge for producers, and we’re dying to implement our ideas and inspire audiences.”

Fred Burcksen, president and CEO of ZDF Enterprises, added, “We are pleased to be able to resume our successful collaboration while taking on a corporate structure. ZDF Enterprises and Peter Nadermann set the trend many years ago by being the first to invest in Scandinavian crime series and successfully distribute them around the globe. The result: the widely recognized international interest for ‘Nordic Noir’ remains as strong and steady as ever. We are confident that we will be able to come up with new ideas and create trends within this new cooperation.”