MIPCOM Spotlight: Inter Medya


Aras Bulut Iynemli and Dilan Çiçek Deniz star in the drama series The Pit, one of the highlights being presented by Inter Medya.

An Ay Yapim production, The Pit follows the story of Yamaç, whose family wields power over the Istanbul neighborhood of Çukur. Flames of Desire is another drama series that Inter Medya is representing in Cannes. The story centers on two young people who are betrothed to marry, but whose goals and interests take them in very different directions.

Can Okan, Inter Medya’s founder and CEO, is also highlighting the reality format The Perfect Couple. Developed with DMT Producciones in Colombia, The Perfect Couple looks on as 11 men and 11 women take part in challenges to score the key to a room in a luxurious villa. But there aren’t enough keys and rooms for everyone. “This fast and exciting format will definitely attract the crowd,” says Okan.

In the quiz show 1 vs. 10, “instead of answering the ten questions, the main contestant chooses one person among ten who he or she believes doesn’t know the answer,” Okan explains.

Another quiz show is 19, which has “a simple and attractive concept, offering contestants grand prizes as long as they manage to answer more questions than their rivals,” Okan says.

Shakir is a typical teenage lion who loves superheroes and playing video games in King Shakir, a kids’ program. His father, Ramsey, and friend Ned the Elephant are constantly getting into trouble, while his mother, Katy, tries to keep things together. Then there is Jane, Shakir’s younger sister, who proves to be a gifted problem solver. “All of these unique characters make up this fun and entertaining cartoon that is equally interesting for kids and their parents,” says Okan.

A happy 4-year-old lives in a charming village where birds are always singing in the animated series Niloya. The little girl enjoys exploring nature and playing with friends. “The 3D animated series has a unique song for every single episode,” says Okan. “Niloya teaches children to be sincere, loyal and have moral values.”

He adds, “For this year’s MIPCOM, we are planning on revealing a number of surprises by presenting additional new projects.”