MIPTV Spotlight: Filmax International


From the team behind the international hits The Red Band Society and I Know Who You Are comes Welcome to the Family, on offer from Filmax International.

“Currently broadcasting on TV3, the Catalan pubcaster, Welcome to the Family is becoming another massive success domestically,” says Iván Díaz, the head of Filmax’s international division.

Also in the catalog is Kilian Jornet: Path to Everest, a documentary spotlighting the titular mountain runner. “It narrates his two consecutive ascensions to the Everest summit, with his own personal style—unorthodox and defying all the rules and conceptions of traditional hiking,” says Díaz.

Then there is The Miramar Murders, a true-crime docuseries depicting the unclosed case of a Spanish man who has spent 16 years on death row in the U.S.

“The TV business is bigger and more relevant for us every year,” adds Díaz.