MIPCOM Spotlight: Filmax International


A reputed lawyer must prove his innocence after being accused of murdering his niece in the thriller I Know Who You Are, presented by Filmax International.

“One of the biggest fictional series to grace Spanish TV screens this year, the show is also enjoying widespread international success, such as being broadcast on the prestigious channel BBC Four,” says Iván Díaz, the head of the international division at Filmax International.

I Know Who You Are comes from the team behind The Red Band Society, another highlight for Filmax International that is “still making waves in important territories such as Germany, where VOX is currently broadcasting its local adaptation, and France, where TF1 has already shot the first episodes of the French adaptation.”

The slate also includes Welcome to the Family, from Filmax Group’s TV production outfit Arca Audiovisual.

“Throughout 2017, Filmax has cemented its reputation as a producer of great TV,” Díaz notes.