MIPTV Spotlight: ZDF Enterprises


The history of a continent, starting from its first human settlers, is explored in the six-part series The Story of Europe, which ZDF Enterprises (ZDFE) is highlighting in Cannes.

Another factual highlight is History of Weapons, which focuses on the evolution of weapon technology throughout the years. “Some of the most renowned international experts in the world will explore the secrets of these weapons in a hands-on approach,” says Fred Burcksen, the president and CEO of ZDFE. “These experiments will illustrate how weapons have changed the tides of history and how they have shaped human destiny.”

There is also Africa River Wild, taking viewers on a journey to the rivers of Africa. “Our goal is to provide a selection of unique highlights for the audiences of our clients,” adds Burcksen.

The ZDFE.drama catalog includes The Crimson Rivers, a scripted series that is “set in a world full of gruesome criminal cases, sadistic killers, creepy rituals and mysterious incidents,” according to Burcksen. With a cast led by Olivier Marchal, Erika Sainte, Ken Duken and Nora Waldstätten, The Crimson Rivers is a crime thriller, and Burcksen says that “Each of the episodes remains true to the original screenplay by cult writer Jean-Christophe Grangé. The remake of his best seller remains true to the 2000 box-office hit starring Jean Reno.”

ZDFE is also presenting a three-part follow-up to the hit ’50s-set miniseries Ku’damm 56. “Ku’damm 59 follows the women of this generation on their search for a new feminine identity,” says Burcksen.

Then there is Other People’s Problems, a short-form Aussie dramedy. “The web series was originally created for ABC iview and showcases a powerhouse of Australian female creative talent,” adds Burcksen.

The Bureau of Magical Things, a live-action show for children from Jonathan M. Shiff Productions, is another highlight.

“Our topics work internationally, whether breathtaking crime series, well-researched documentaries, short-form drama series, TV movies or high-class kids’ programs,” Burcksen says. “We work with renowned producers and crews—some of the greatest talents of their generation.”