MIPTV Spotlight: Global Screen


CANNES: Set deep in the Bavarian backwoods, Welcome to Hindafing follows the rise and fall of a gutsy provincial mayor and is one of the highlights Global Screen is presenting to international buyers.

The show takes a “Fargo-style look at the dark underbelly of our Western society,” says Alexandra Heidrich, the head of TV sales and acquisitions at Global Screen. The series combines “dark humor with a range of sappy and odd yet truly likable protagonists,” she adds.

The dramedy ZombieLars focuses on a 12-year-old half-zombie and his friends with certain supernatural characteristics who have a series of strange adventures. “This is one of these rare live-action series for kids 8 to 12 and adults alike,” Heidrich says. “With a classy Scandinavian look, it is fearless when it comes to poop jokes in order to reach the younger audiences with its more than relevant underlying topic of xenophobia and social marginalization of others,” says Heidrich. She also notes that the show is the “optimal format and content for online platforms,” as the episodes are 15 minutes in length.

The movie Redemption Road is about a German-Jewish judge and his family who are torn apart by the Nazis and WWII. “This is not the classic Nazi piece,” Heidrich says, as the epic family saga spans decades and continents. The story begins in the early 1930s and deals with the destiny of a family under the Nazi terror. “The two-part epic movie casts a fresh light on the Nazi period,” Heidrich explains.