SPI/FilmBox & Evermedia Bring Five Channels to French Businesses


SPI International/FilmBox and Evermedia have partnered to bring FilmBox Arthouse, DocuBox, FashionBox, Fast&FunBox and 360TuneBox to businesses in France via Everstream.

Through their new distribution agreement, SPI/FilmBox and Evermedia will make the five channels from the SPI portfolio available to businesses that utilize Everstream services in France through the entertainment package. Evermedia delivers IPTV and multimedia technologies to businesses in healthcare, hospitality and corporate sectors and to other non-residential venues via Everstream.

The companies that operate with Everstream in France will have access to FilmBox Arthouse and DocuBox with French subtitles, FashionBox and Fast&FunBox in English and 360 TuneBox in its original language.

Georgina Twiss, managing director for Western Europe and Africa at SPI International, said: “We are pleased to expand our reach to include businesses in France in partnership with the leading business-only service provider, Evermedia. The addition of our channels that broadcast entertaining content ranging from classic movies to documentary, fashion, sports and music programming will surely enhance the program offerings of Everstream’s clientele.”

Emmanuel Hardy, CEO at Evermedia, said: “The Everstream platform offers more than 60 thematic channels (sports, entertainment and international news). SPI’s channels are of really high quality, and this is a wonderful opportunity to integrate their channels into our entertainment offering. Everstream addresses the B2B markets of hotels, healthcare and companies in all possible uses of distribution on IP networks of televisions, smartphones and tablets and on Coaxial networks. The particularity is to break with the current models of payment per room and to offer never-before-seen flexibility of consumption measured by usage. This approach makes content accessible to a much wider clientele.”