Global Screen Sends Fairy Tales Movie Collection to France


MUNICH: Global Screen has sold to Gulli a Fairy Tales film collection, which includes several ARD-produced Finest Fairy Tales such as The Devil with the Three Golden Hairs.

In addition to The Devil with the Three Golden Hairs, the collection also features Snow White and Rose Red from Finest Fairy Tales, as well as the ZDF-produced TV movies The Golden Goose and The White Snake.

“Since 2008, the lavish adaptations of the world-famous fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson rank among the most beloved TV movies in our portfolio and we are proud to bring these fascinating stories now again to the French kids and families,” said Alexandra Heidrich, the head of TV sales and acquisitions at Global Screen.

Grimm’s and Andersen’s fairy tales have been translated into every major language in the world, totaling 160 in all. The movie collection comprises 42 episodes to date.