Profit Rises at ProSiebenSat.1


MUNICH: ProSiebenSat.1 Group has wrapped 2016 with new record figures for revenues and earnings.

The group saw revenues grow by 17 percent to 3.8 billion euros ($4 billion). Recurring EBITDA rose by 10 percent to 1.02 billion euros ($1.08 billion). Underlying net income also exceeded the previous year’s figure by 10 percent, reaching 513 million euros ($542 million).

The Digital Ventures & Commerce segment made the largest growth contribution in 2016. External revenues in the segment increased considerably to 768 million euros ($812 million), up by 65 percent. Recurring EBITDA rose by 33 percent to 180 million euros ($190 million).

External revenues in the Broadcasting German-speaking segment increased by 3 percent to 2.2 billion euros ($2.3 billion). Increased TV advertising revenues and the growing distribution business contributed to the positive revenue performance. Recurring EBITDA was up by 3 percent to 760 million euros ($803 million).

The Digital Entertainment segment increased its external revenues by 19 percent to 442 million euros ($467 million). Revenues in the Adjacent business decreased. The deconsolidation of the Online Games business at the end of the second quarter of 2016 reduced the revenue dynamics. Recurring EBITDA of 37 million euros ($39 million) in the Digital Entertainment segment was on a par with the previous year due to growth-related higher costs.

In the Content Production & Global Sales segment, external revenues increased by 38 percent to 362 million euros ($382 million). At the same time, recurring EBITDA grew by 87 percent to 47 million euros ($49 million). The increase in revenues was based on both acquisitions and organic growth, to which the successful U.S. production business made a strong contribution.

Thomas Ebeling, the CEO of ProSiebenSat.1 Media, said: “ProSiebenSat.1 achieved record figures for revenues and earnings in 2016. This new record-breaking year is a strong proof of the sustainability of our growth. ProSiebenSat.1 is the first media group to systematically combine television, in-house produced content, digital entertainment and commerce, and to use the resulting synergies. To this end, we will continue integrating our portfolio and using all sales and distribution channels from TV and digital to mobile. Against the backdrop of the successful financial year, we recommend that the Supervisory Board proposes a dividend of 1.90 euros for 2016 to the Annual General Meeting and thus to again let our shareholders participate in our growth. We want to remain a reliable partner for our investors in the future and continue ProSiebenSat.1’s success.”