Twentieth Century Fox Renews Second-Window Film Pact in Turkey


LOS ANGELES: SinemaTV has extended its second-pay-window movie deal with Twentieth Century Fox Television Distribution for an additional five years.

SinemaTV subscribers in Turkey will continue to enjoy many of the studio’s feature films on Turkish TV. SinemaTV viewers have already gained access to movies such as The Monuments Men, Oscar-winning The Grand Budapest Hotel and David Fincher’s thriller Gone Girl.

Fatih Oflaz, the president of SinemaTV, commented, “We have been collaborating with 20th Century Fox Television Distribution since the launch of our first channel and we are ecstatic to expand our business with them. As a result of this deal, we have the opportunity to introduce many recent Fox films to our subscribers. This valuable content we are offering to our subscribers has made our customers incredibly happy with our service.”

Kristen Finney, the executive VP for EMEA at Twentieth Century Fox Television Distribution, said: “We are so pleased to be continuing our long-standing partnership with SinemaTV, and are proud to see their growing subscriber base discover and enjoy new titles from our vast catalog of films.”