Tony Jordan Working on Shahid VIP Original Rashash


British screenwriter Tony Jordan (EastEnders, Hustle, Life on Mars, Holby Blue) is collaborating with MBC Studios for the brand-new Shahid original drama Rashash.

The eight-part series is being touted as the biggest Saudi drama produced by MBC Studios and the biggest production by a streaming platform in the region so far. An adaptation of the true story of a notorious criminal in 1980s Saudi Arabia, the crime drama will be exclusively available on Shahid VIP, Shahid’s subscription-based premium service.

Jordan is working with writers Sheikha Suha Al Khalifa and Richard Bellamy to tell the story of a notorious murderer and drug trafficker who was finally caught by the police in Saudi Arabia in the late 1980s. The series follows the early beginnings of Rashash through to his capture, with the core focus of the drama centered on a young police officer who makes it his mission to end Rashash’s reign of terror and destruction.

The eight-part series is in Saudi Arabic accompanied by English subtitles. One hour-long episode will be released every Thursday.

British filmmaker Collin Teague (The Last Drop, Holby City, Torchwood, The Sarah Jane Adventures, Doctor Who, Being Human) is directing.