Pair of Nippon TV Scripted Formats to Get Arabic Treatments


Japan’s Nippon TV has signed a deal with the Turkish producer Medyapim for the scripted formats Mother and Woman – My Life for My Children –, which will be localized in Arabic for MBC.

Mother follows a woman in her mid-thirties working as an elementary school teacher as she learns that one of her students is being abused at home. She decides to kidnap the girl to bring up as her own.

Produced by the same writer, director and production team as Mother, Woman – My Life for My Children – tells the story of a single mother who is widowed by her beloved husband, who died in an accident one day. Left with her two young children, she is suddenly faced with a reality as a single mother.

Keisuke Miyata, head of sales for Nippon TV, said: “This is a new initiative for two of our most valuable scripted formats, Mother and Woman – My Life for My Children –, for the Arabic-speaking territories, with our long-time strong partner Medyapim and a new collaboration with MBC, the largest media company in the MENA region. The Turkish adaptations of Mother and Woman – My Life for My Children –, produced by Medyapim, were huge global successes, and we have no doubt that the Arabic adaptations will achieve the same success.”

Fatih Aksoy, chairman of Medyapim, said: “We have successfully adapted these two Nippon TV titles in Turkey into two long-running TV series and then distributed our productions worldwide. Now, we have another challenge of producing both of them for MENA territory. I have no doubt that we will achieve the same success.”

Ali Jaber, group director of TV and Shahid Content at MBC GROUP, said: “This partnership between Nippon TV, Medyapim and us at MBC GROUP signifies an exciting milestone that unites a global entertainment powerhouse with regional ones. We are very excited to bring the critically acclaimed stories of Mother and Woman – My Life for My Children – to a wider audience, reflecting our commitment to showcasing diverse and compelling content for our loyal viewers across the MENA. This unique collaboration exemplifies our dedication to providing world-class storytelling, and we look forward to more partnerships of this kind in the future.”