Prime Video Picks Up ACMA: GAME


Prime Video has picked up the new action thriller ACMA: GAME and will begin streaming the series in Japan on April 7 and elsewhere around the world on April 26.

Based on the manga written by Meeb and illustrated by Koji Megumi, ACMA: GAME follows a boy who receives a devil’s key from his father, who is mysteriously killed right after. He sets out to unveil the secret of the key and discovers that if he obtains more than 99 of them in a game, his luck will grow. The pursuit of the keys, however, turns out to be a dangerous battle of life or death.

Players are forced to participate in the game, and if they lose, they cannot refuse any orders. The boy challenges the game and risks his life, along with the people who are being manipulated by the devil’s keys. They must unravel the mystery of the keys in order to survive.

The word ACMA is derived from the Japanese word akuma, which means devil.

ACMA: GAME comes from Nippon TV, which will air the series in Japan. Immediately after Nippon TV’s broadcast, it will be available to stream on Hulu Japan.

“Japan is known for exhilarating manga, but this one is exceptional,” said Naoto Fujimura, producer at Nippon TV. “It’s a top-notch youth story, and above all, the game master is a devil. Audiences crave psychological death game battles like Kaiji, Death Note or Squid Game, and after spending more than a year refining the series with scriptwriter Yoshihiro Izumi and Nippon TV’s director Toya Sato (Kaiji), joined with world-class VFX company Digital Frontier (Death Note, Gantz), ACMA: GAME has become a production of an incredible scale that Nippon TV will deliver to the world with confidence. Shotaro Mamiya, who plays the leading role, is an actor with unfathomable talent that is perfect to portray this epoch-making series that will surely thrill the global audience.”

Takashi Kodama, country director for Prime Video Japan, added, “We are honored to be able to stream ACMA: GAME on Prime Video, which will be broadcast on Nippon TV from April. We also feel responsible and very excited to bring this title to over 150 countries around the world for Prime Video customers. I am looking forward to seeing how the first-class creators and production team of Japan will present the gripping psychological battles and human characters of ACMA: GAME in high quality. We believe many customers in Japan and around the world will enjoy this fresh content on our service.”