MIPCOM Spotlight: Star Media


CANNES: The biopic Mata Hari marks Star Media’s first production for the global market with original English dialogue.

The project is produced in association with Channel One (Russia) and Inter (Ukraine), and is being distributed worldwide by Red Arrow International. “We are delighted to be working with Red Arrow International to bring Mata Hari’s incredible story to people around the world,” says Vlad Ryashin, the founder and CEO of Star Media

“The idea for the project came when we were looking for a resonant character, a woman who was ahead of her time and hence changed it,” adds Ryashin. “There are many rumors and secrets around the life of Mata Hari; no one really knew who she was, but the mark she left on history is very significant.”

One of Star Media’s new releases is the melodrama Oriental Sweets, a love story involving the clash of two cultures. Star Media also recently launched the historical drama Sorge, set against the backdrop of WWII.