Eccho Rights to Rep Star Media’s Life After Life


Eccho Rights and Star Media have done a distribution deal for the drama series Life After Life.

Eccho Rights will have the rights to sell the 16-episode series worldwide as well as the scripts for the show. The drama is about two businessmen who are lifelong childhood friends. One winds up killing the other to take over his share of the business. However, the partner is offered the opportunity to return to Earth in the body of another person, a tragic suicide victim.

The Russian actors Aleksandr Robak, Pavel Trubiner, Anatoliy Kot and Aleksandra Ursuliak star in the drama.

Vlad Ryashin, general producer of Star Media, said: “This is our first deal with Eccho Rights and we are pleased that they decided to work specifically with Life After Life. It will be understandable in any country, because it speaks of universal values ​​and feelings: friendship, betrayal, disappointment, justice, love. And the paranormal element lends it a special sharpness.”

Nicola Söderlund, the managing partner of Eccho Rights, added: “Life After Life is a fantastic series with great potential as both a readymade and scripted format. The story is new and innovative and the combination of the paranormal and the thriller is something that will really capture the attention of both buyers and viewers.”