MIPCOM Spotlight: Star Media


A female investigator with supernatural powers is at the heart of the Star Media series Detective Anna, which features sci-fi elements.

“It’s dark, gothic, mysterious and thrilling,” says Vlad Ryashin, general producer at Star Media.

Richard Sorge. Master Spy is about a Soviet secret agent, while Operation Muhabbat follows a last-year cadet at a prestigious military high school who is the son of an adviser to the general secretary of the Communist Party. “Richard Sorge. Master Spy is a very dramatic story of a man who has been described by historians as one of the greatest spies of the 20th century,” Ryashin says.

“Moreover, Star Media is producing an adaptation of the award-winning BBC series Doctor Foster, a story that has become one of the most successful U.K. dramas of recent years,” says Ryashin. “We will add a new angle to the story that captures your attention from the first minutes, giving you a whole whirl of emotions when you see how the story is revealed.”