KOTV, Endemol Shine North America Adapting Boundary for TV


KOTV and Endemol Shine North America have struck a deal to executive produce Boundary Pond, a thriller adapted for TV based on the novel Boundary from Andrée A. Michaud.

With Louis Choquette (19-2, Mafiosa) attached as showrunner and director, the title takes place in 1967 near Boundary Pond, a lake that crosses the U.S.-Canadian border between Québec and Maine. The idyllic cottage life and warmth of the forest are disrupted when a mysterious death occurs, only for a second body to turn up soon after.

William S. Messier (Chicanes d’héritages, Terreur 404) is attached to script the first two episodes and bible.

“I am thrilled to partner up with Endemol Shine North America to bring the amazing novel Boundary to life in a very organic partnership between our two companies, as Boundary Pond unfolds on the Canadian-U.S. border, and I can’t wait to bring it to market,” said Mia Desroches, VP of international sales at KOTV. “This unique and captivating crime thriller will immerse viewers in the ever-so-familiar world of small, summer communities, the ones from our childhood years, with the scent of mothballs and dusty rooms and pine, and through its hunt for a serial murderer, showcase both man’s worst and most beautiful natures.”

“We are very excited to continue our push into the scripted space through our partnership with KOTV and Louis Choquette and bring this incredible thriller to viewers across the globe,” added Sharon Levy, CEO of Endemol Shine North America. “Boundary Pond explores the North American tradition of the Great Outdoors in the ’60s, at a moment in history when such a lifestyle became widely democratized. Today, it’s bound to strike a chord with all age groups as either a piece of memorabilia with a dark and gruesome spin or a tale of youthful lust and terror set in a familiar decor.”

Choquette commented, “Unlike in most Nordic noirs where nature’s cold and remote hostility dictates the tone, it’s the warmth and familiarity of Boundary Pond’s setting that makes it so treacherous—a play on contrasts between the idyllic cottage life and the more terrifying wilderness all around. It’s a crime thriller where the woods, whether with their warm memories or with their haunting presence, play a crucial part in how the story unfolds. Endemol Shine North America’s arrival in the series production process is very positive and constructive news. I’m thrilled by this new big push toward the realization of this magnificent project.”