Hidden Pictures Signs Deal for Two Warren Adler Projects


Hidden Pictures has signed a two-project production deal with Adler Entertainment Trust, the company dedicated to adapting Warren Adler’s library of 56 novels, numerous plays and 100 short stories.

Todd Lieberman (The Fighter, The Proposal) and Hidden Pictures will produce a Fiona Fitzgerald detective show based on the eight-book series, beginning with American Quartet, that follows a woman born into an illustrious family of political insiders in Washington, D.C., who abandons her obvious path to become a full-time detective.

Lieberman and his company will also produce an adaptation of Trans Siberian Express, a cold-war thriller that centers on an American cancer specialist who is secretly sent to Moscow to save the Soviet Politburo Chief. While there, he overhears a sinister plan to nuke China, but when the Russians discover he has been listening, he is immediately dispatched on a 6,000-mile journey aboard the Trans-Siberian Express without the ability to communicate.

Both projects will be produced by Lieberman and Hidden Pictures, with Adler Entertainment Trust’s Jonathan R. Adler and Michael Adler executive producing. Alex Young, president of Hidden Pictures, will help oversee the partnership.

“This exciting new partnership is a beautiful marriage of formidable production might anchored by these wonderful stories from our father’s brilliant work,” said Jonathan R. Adler, CEO of Adler Entertainment Trust. “The untitled Fiona Fitzgerald detective series is a perfect example of Warren Adler’s contemporary work; it’s a dark, biting and relatable story that honestly reflects modern relationships in his signature pull-no-punches style. And Trans Siberian Express is a deeply plotted and well-researched historical thrill ride—a Cold War tale of love, loss and nuclear intrigue. We are delighted to continue the legacy of the Warren Adler brand, and Todd is the ideal producer to bring these two incredible projects to life.”