MIPCOM Spotlight: Distribution360


Distribution360 (D360) has a kids’ slate that includes both animated shows and live-action programs such as Super Mighty Makers and It’s My Party.

Super Mighty Makers and It’s My Party are two series that showcase kids giving back to their community and crossing cultural divides,” says Diane Rankin, the company’s senior VP of international sales and acquisitions. “At their core, both projects are fueled by purpose, and are part of a movement that promotes kindness, compassion and tolerance.”

There is also season two of the preschool show Yaya & Zouk, about the adventures of two siblings. According to Rankin, the series now has 143 episodes, “which is great volume to schedule and stack for preschool audiences.” D360 is also presenting Yaya & Zouk holiday specials.

In the company’s factual catalog, viewers go along on some of the most scenic rides across America with the hosts of It’s How You Get There. “Sometimes the journey is just as important (and fun!) as the destination,” says Rankin. “The series is both a moto enthusiast’s dream as well as a gorgeous travelogue.”

Tomorrow’s World Today is a “forward-looking series that presents a cutting-edge approach to exploring concepts in science and technology that are changing lives today and making a difference tomorrow,” Rankin says.

Meanwhile, Jack of All Tastes is a food series hosted by Jackie Long, the wife of a former National Football League (NFL) player. Long takes viewers with her as she dines with NFL players at their favorite restaurants.