MIPTV Spotlight: Distribution360


Currently on the air in North America, Just Like Mom & Dad is a prime-time family game show that Distribution360 (D360) is offering.

“Each episode puts three parent/child teams to the test to see how well they really know each other across three rounds,” says Diane Rankin, the company’s senior VP of international sales and acquisitions. “Two question rounds are designed to reveal what they know or don’t know about one another, and the final round sees the kids baking up some truly disgusting ‘treats’ for their parents to taste.”

Other highlights are Leave It to the Designer, the format version of the hit home-reno show Leave It to Bryan, and Snapshots, a photo competition series for children that is nominated for an International Emmy Kids Award this year.”

Commissioned by CBeebies, Treasure Champs is an upper-preschool series promoting such values as generosity, empathy and honesty. “Treasure Champs has been uniquely produced in that it can be licensed as a straight acquisition in its original version or as a modular format, where the animated segments can be used alongside each featured ‘treasure’ and interlaced with local live-action shoots,” says Rankin.

Genius Genie, an animated preschool show, is also a highlight for the company. “Through the fun-filled episodes, children learn all about handling life’s little problems and the lessons that you take away from them as you grow up,” says Rankin.

Then there is Are You Ready?, which Rankin describes as “a series all about life’s big little ‘firsts.’”

She adds: “What is common to each of these series is the message of positivity and empowerment that the programs transmit to their audience.”