In-Demand: Québec Creates—Part 2


In this second special Québec Creates report before MIPCOM, we’re highlighting inspirational drama series, indigenous tales for kids, stand-up comedy, a hit scripted comedy format, a heartwarming show about food and family, a science documentary and a fascinating visual poetry stream.

Québec has a unique position in the global television market as a generator of French- and English-language media in North America, with productions that are both distinctive and highly exportable. One of its main assets is the variety and the appeal of its dramas, comedies, documentaries, animation, children’s content and entertainment formats. In association with the Société de développement des entreprises culturelles (SODEC), the Québec cultural agency, World Screen is spotlighting this dynamic industry and its presence at MIPCOM this year.

Overseen by Québec’s Minister of Culture and Communication, SODEC promotes and supports the development of Québec’s cultural industry, at home and abroad. SODEC also coordinates umbrella operations and co-production initiatives at major international markets through the “Québec Creates” banner.

And Still I Rise (Après Le Déluge)

Commissioner: Crave
Co-Producers: Zone3 & ZAMA Productions
Distributor: Zone3
Description: (Drama, 6×60 min.) A policewoman introduces four troubled young adults to mixed martial arts, hoping to give them a fighting chance at keeping their crime sheets clean.
Pitch Perfect: “After a difficult childhood in which the rug was pulled out from under them more than they could count, the young immigrants in the series must now face their first round in the adult school of hard knocks. And Still I Rise plunges into the gritty reality of life for today’s inner-city youth with hope, authenticity and kindness.” —Mélanie Ratté, Senior Director, International Distribution & Business Development
Sales Contact: Mélanie Ratté.

Anna & Arnaud

Commissioner: TVA
Producer: Pixcom
Distributor: Pixcom is seeking a distribution partner.
Description: (Drama, 8×60 min.) Following a serious trauma, Arnaud turns to drugs, leading his mother, Anna, on a veritable descent into hell. Award-winning Guylaine Tremblay plays Anna.
Pitch Perfect: “From 2010 to today, the relationship between Anna and her son Arnaud follows a path filled with hope and disappointment. Inspired by a true story, this moving original series lifts the veil on a rarely explored social phenomenon: homelessness.” —Nicola Merola, President & Executive Producer
Sales Contacts: Nicola MerolaMarjorie Lenneville, Coordinator, Development & Distribution.

Legends Keepers

Commissioner: APTN
Producer: Andicha Média
Distributor: Trio Orange International
Description: (Animation, 13×22 min.) Through the ages, across legends and myths, indigenous people have imparted to future generations wisdom, values and life lessons that are applicable to any era.
Pitch Perfect: Legends Keepers seeks to broadcast indigenous tales, but also to keep the oral tradition alive.” —Carlos Soldevila, President & Executive Producer
Sales Contact: Carlos Soldevila.

Live from Just for Laughs—2022

Commissioners: CBC, Bell Media
Producer: Just for Laughs
Distributor: Just for Laughs
Description: (Stand-up comedy, S16: 8×60 min.) Just for Laughs revolutionized the comedy world and launched the careers of some of the most renowned comedians, such as Kevin Hart, Dave Chappelle, Jimmy Fallon and Amy Schumer. In July, for its landmark 40th anniversary, JFL welcomed comedy’s hottest stars, including Ronny Chieng, Jo Koy, Marc Maron, Hannah Gadsby, Russell Peters and Iliza Shlesinger, to host the best stand-up comedy shows of the year.
Pitch Perfect: “As Just for Laughs is celebrating its 40th anniversary, we are proud to produce premium quality laughter for all audiences with some of the best stand-up comedy shows of the year, a new season of Gags, the number one non-verbal comedy show in the world, and successful new TV formats.” —Fred Joubaud, Director, Content & Strategic Partnerships
Sales Contacts: Marina Di Pancrazio, Chief Content Revenue Officer; Fred Joubaud.

Love Bugs

Commissioner: Radio-Canada
Producer: Avanti Groupe
Distributor: Les Distributions Avanti Ciné Vidéo
Description: (Comedy, S1-7: 130×26 min.) Funny, modern, identifiable and addictive, a scripted comedy format about a couple figuring out love and life in a unique modular format.
Pitch Perfect: Love Bugs is the most-adapted and best-selling scripted format in international TV history (The WIT), adapted in 29 countries with more to come. The format is unique, addictive and hilarious, with a low production cost and an incredible international track record. Find out why everyone loves Love Bugs.” —Arabelle Pouliot-Di Crescenzo, Head, International Distribution
Sales Contacts: Arabelle Pouliot-Di CrescenzoMonique Lamoureux, Co-President.

Mamma en Chef

Commissioner: TV5
Producer: Les Productions JED Lab
Description: (Lifestyle, 10×23 min.) Comedian Erich Preach meets mothers from all over the world to cook their best traditional dishes with them. In this confessional of humor and cuisine, they tell us about their amazing journeys.
Pitch Perfect: “With an avocado or eggplant in hand, comedian Erich Preach invites himself into the homes of Canadian mothers born from various countries to cook traditional meals with them. In the new ten-part series, the host explores cultures through food, from Colombia to Congo, Vietnam and Lebanon.” —Jack Lafortune, Producer & Director
Sales Contacts: Jack LafortuneKate Lalic, Production Director.

Producer: NOMAD Industries
Description: (85+ hrs.) An endless stream of visual poetry, bringing viewers into a restorative state of “soft fascination.”
Pitch Perfect: “Perfect for aggregators, this unique channel presents a new kind of content called A.R.T. (Attention Restoration Therapy), cinematically inducing a state of ‘soft fascination,’ helping to restore your tired brain.” —Jason Rodi, Visual Poet
Sales Contact: Jason Rodi.

Who Was the Real Neanderthal?

Commissioners: CBC, Toute l’histoire, Cineflix Rights
Producer: Ideacom International
Distributor: Cineflix Rights
Description: (Doc., 1×49 min.) Neanderthals have long been thought of as brutish and dim-witted. It’s been impossible to truly grasp who they were and how they lived—until now.
Pitch Perfect: “Traveling back more than 400,000 years to reveal astonishing new discoveries, Who Was the Real Neanderthal? proves our prehistoric cousins were more like us than we ever imagined.” —Josette D. Normandeau, Executive Producer
Sales Contact: Josette D. Normandeau.