Bell Media Reveals CTV-Branded Bouquet of Channels


Bell Media is rebranding four of its leading entertainment specialty channels—Space, Bravo, Comedy and Gusto—as CTV properties.

Space will become CTV Sci-Fi, Bravo becomes CTV Drama, Comedy will be CTV Comedy, and Gusto is being renamed CTV Life. They will be joined by CTV Movies and CTV Vault, two new ad-supported VOD services, in a new CTV digital “super-hub” featuring all seven services. The CTV super-hub will be available on connected devices everywhere, including the web, iOS, Android, Chromecast, Apple and Android TV, Xbox One and Samsung smart TVs.

“In today’s crowded media landscape, it’s essential for our services to have the same scale and brand ubiquity as our international competitors,” said Randy Lennox, president of Bell Media. “As a result, we’re focusing and amplifying CTV so that it is stronger than ever.”

“The launch of this multi-genre, next-generation digital super hub instantly makes our expansive portfolio easy to find through one point of entry,” said Mike Cosentino, the president of programming and content. “It’s an enormously powerful collection of CTV-branded services, live and on-demand, encompassing hit programming from every genre.”

“This new digital destination will simplify access for authenticated subscribers, who will be able to seamlessly access their content,” said Tracey Pearce, president of distribution and pay. “Additionally, we have been actively working on a new, state-of-the-art user experience for this product, and will launch it with an aggressive digital expansion roadmap making it available on more devices than ever before.”

“We are doubling down on the strength of CTV and are incredibly excited about the CTV super-hub as a sponsor-friendly platform that will greatly expand discoverability for viewers,” added Stewart Johnston, president of media sales, marketing and TSN. “Combined with the newly created digital ad inventory from CTV Movies and CTV Vault, we are dramatically increasing the opportunity for advertisers to reach our audiences.”