Canada-Ireland Development Incentive Reopens


TORONTO/DUBLIN: The Canada Media Fund (CMF) and the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) have relaunched their funding incentive to encourage the development of audiovisual projects.

A total contribution of C$150,000 ($111,700) will be made available to support Irish and Canadian producers to develop co-productions for broadcast on TV services in the two countries. Funding awarded under the Canada-Ireland co-development incentive for audiovisual projects will be allocated to projects that fulfill the relevant criteria through an open application process.

A selection committee of CMF and BAI representatives will assess and select the winning projects. Producers should apply for funding by January 13, 2017.

Both CMF and BAI contributed an equal share in the total funding of the development incentive. As part of the first round of applications received under this program, the CMF and BAI have committed C$48,100 ($36,000) to fund the development of the documentary series The Drownings. The project is produced by Soshefeigh Media (Canada) and New Decade TV (Ireland).