CBC & Radio-Canada Distribution Unveils Diverse Catalog


CBC & Radio-Canada Distribution, the content licensing arm of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Radio-Canada, has launched a slate of titles that includes scripted series, new kids’ titles, documentaries and formats.

The company is shining a light on three new drama series that delve into the challenges of coping with the world today. Cerebrum deals with the topic of mental health care, transporting audiences into a world of psychological suspense and Nordic intensity. Trop takes a lighter and comedic but also serious look at coping with life in the 21st century through the eyes of two sisters. Conversations with My Parents goes in a slightly different direction, examining family relationships and generational differences. Mia Desroches, director of content distribution partnerships for CBC & Radio-Canada, said, “These are great stories told from the point of view of strong characters who make us think and laugh, and more than anything else, make us see the world in a different light.” Desroches added, “In our scripted content, we’re seeing themes of survival and coping in the world of this new decade emerge.”

CBC & Radio-Canada Distribution’s kids’ slate includes Amos, The Mask Hunter, set in a medieval fantasy world where myths and legends come to life. ZamZoom’s Animal Adventures lets kids discover wildlife while zooming through space on an intergalactic expedition. Li’l Doc takes audiences on a journey through the world of medicine, while Gary’s Magic Fort helps preschool-aged viewers navigate the world of emotions. CBC & Radio-Canada Distribution has developed an expertise in working with and nurturing creative talent to produce unique and entertaining kids’ programming, said Desroches. “We are eager to extend this collaborative approach to the international community through financing, co-distribution and the development of new business models,” she added. “We have a lineup of great new kids’ programs this year, featuring some fantastic journeys, adventures and creatures, both real and imagined, that will delight and entertain.”

On the unscripted side, there’s Cruising Towards Disaster​, which investigates the science behind the COVID-19 outbreaks on several major cruise lines, and how these lessons continue to affect us; Rebellion, following a new generation’s fight for the survival of our planet; Wild Canadian Weather, a new 4K nature series; Murder on the Fridge, exploring some of the 21st century’s most fascinating homicides committed in society’s most marginalized communities; Sing Me a Lullabye, following director Tiffany Hsiung’sjourney to Taipei to uncover the missing pieces of her mother’s past; and Fridge Wars, which sees two top chefs pitted against one another to create extraordinary meals using only the ingredients taken from the fridges of ordinary families.

Gwen Jones McCauley, director of global distribution for CBC & Radio-Canada Distribution, said: “This has been an extraordinary year for both content production and content sales. We’re excited that our partners have resumed production and are continuing to tell the stories that shape our understanding of the world. We’re even more excited that we’re able to share these Canadian stories with the world this fall.”

Desroches added: “We’re very proud of the success that we’ve seen with our​ ​shows. This continues to be a huge area of growth for us. We have specialized in working collaboratively with producers to develop and bring new and groundbreaking stories to audiences and we are eager to extend our collaborative approach to the international community through financing, co-distribution, and the development of new business models.”