Viki Signs Content Deal with Huace Group


SAN FRANCISCO/SHANGHAI: Video-streaming website Viki has entered into a multi-territory content agreement with Chinese producer Huace Group.

The deal includes more than ten of Huace’s hit on-air titles, including My Amazing Boyfriend, which is already the most popular Chinese series on Viki to date. Viki will also add dozens of Huace library titles to its streaming service, making them available for the first time in North America and Europe. The agreement gives Viki subscribers 48 hours of exclusive access (outside of China) to nearly 1,000 hours of Huace content. Viki will also launch a Huace digital zone within its platform, which marks the first branded channel for the company outside of China.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Huace to help find new audiences for its shows outside of China,” said Tammy H. Nam, Viki’s CEO. “Viki’s unique community helps to socialize and subtitle Chinese TV shows into dozens of languages, enabling them to be enjoyed by new fans all over the world. My Amazing Boyfriend, for example, is subtitled in nearly 30 languages, including English, Spanish, Indonesian, Arabic, Czech and Dutch!”

“The success of My Amazing Boyfriend on Viki played a strong role in our decision to partner with Viki—one of the most internet-oriented and global video platforms—to create Huace’s most important branded channel on an online streaming platform outside of China,” added Zhao Yifang, the CEO of Huace Group. “We believe the global market for Chinese TV series and films is just beginning to explode and look forward to growing our presence globally by distributing our shows on Viki.”