Thrill Channel Expands Asian Carriage


HONG KONG: Celestial Tiger Entertainment has secured carriage for the Thrill channel via Hong Kong Cable Television (Cable TV) as of January 31.

Beginning tomorrow, Thrill will be available on Cable TV to offer horror, thriller and suspense movies from Hollywood and Asia. Thrill, which features content from Lionsgate, also airs TV series. The channel is already available in Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines and Thailand.

“The carriage of Thrill further enhances our already strong movies offerings and will undoubtedly delight our subscribers who are fans of home movie entertainment of the creepy and scary kind,” said Vincent Cheung, the senior VP for subscription services at Cable TV.

“We are delighted to partner with Cable TV and extend Thrill to a wider audience in Hong Kong,” said Ofanny Choi, the executive VP of TV Networks at Celestial Tiger Entertainment. “Cable TV’s subscribers can now enjoy Asia’s only movie channel dedicated to the horror, suspense and thriller genres. By combining the best of the genres from both Hollywood and Asia, we are sure to please audiences looking for some spine-tingling thrills anytime of the day.”