Singtel TV Lines Up Additional Football Content


Singtel TV is bolstering its football coverage and has picked up the rights to air live matches of the FA Cup, Eredivisie (Dutch League) and the Chinese Super League.

The FA Cup 2018-19 season will be available on Singtel TV’s mio Sports channel as part of the World Sports+ add-on pack, as well as the Action Trio, Variety and Value packs. Value packs also bring football fans live Premier League matches. In addition, the games will be streamed on Singtel CAST via mio Sports, which is part of the Sports Plus package that includes live Premier League action.

The Dutch League and Chinese Super League games will also be aired on Singtel TV’s mio Sports channels and streamed on CAST. Premier League fans can watch their favorite teams, including Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, and Tottenham Hotspur, from the Third Round of the FA Cup.

“We are pleased to give our customers front row seats to the FA Cup, which together with the Premier League are among the world’s most-watched football tournaments,” said Goh Seow Eng, the managing director for home, consumer Singapore at Singtel. “With the inclusion of the Dutch League and Chinese Super League, our viewers get access to an even wider variety of leagues and games.”