MIPCOM Spotlight: ABS-CBN Corporation


ABS-CBN Corporation is highlighting The Killer Bride, set in a superstitious town that has been haunted by a ghost for years.

Most of the residents in Las Espadas have stories of encountering Camila Dela Torre, the woman who died right before her wedding day and was found by her fiancé in a bloody dress and veil.

Further highlights include Mea Culpa, about a group of friends trying to bury a secret, and The Heiress, a family drama that focuses on the affluent Mondragon clan and the power struggle tearing them apart.

“These top three titles we are presenting continuously dominate trending topics on social media, especially The Killer Bride, which ranked first on the worldwide [trending] list,” says Macie F. Imperial, division head and VP of integrated acquisitions and international sales and distribution.

Imperial adds, “Our narratives present unique storylines and interesting characters that international viewers will get hooked on.”