MIPCOM Spotlight: JKN Global Media


JKN Global Media recently inked a multi-title deal with TRA Media, which operates four pay-TV channels in South Korea, and the company is aiming to further the expansion of Thai content in the global market.

“South Korea has been able to export its content globally with resounding success, so it is a great honor to bring Thai dramas to South Korea,” says Anne Jakrajutatip, CEO of JKN Global Media. “It reflects the high standards of Thai productions and how Thai producers have evolved their storytelling to appeal to a highly sophisticated market like South Korea.”

For MIPCOM, highlight titles include My Love from Another Star, about an alien who falls in love with a top actress, as well as Thong Ek: The Herbal Master and Scent of Love.

“Our goal is to bring Thai content to the rest of the world,” says Jakrajutatip.