In-Demand: Korean Content at BCWW – Part Two


The second part of our spotlight on Korean content features an assortment of new entertainment concepts coming out of this vibrant market that will be on offer at BCWW 2020.

BCWW 2020 will run online from September 7 to 11. BCWW has been the most efficient content acquisition and networking event in Asia, introducing Korea’s outstanding content to the world. The properties below are just some of the numerous programs that buyers will be able to screen and acquire at the virtual event. Missed part one of this special report on Korea? See it here.

Heart Signal

Production Company: Channel A
Commissioning Broadcaster: Channel A
Distribution Company: Channel A
Description: (Romance reality, S1: 12×80 min., S2: 13×80 min., S3: 16×80 min.) A suspenseful romance reality show following the lives of ten housemates living together in a “signal house” for a month. There are people in the studio, known as the “predictors,” secretly peeping at these ten housemates via cameras. The predictors will try to guess the housemates’ secret crushes by analyzing their interactions, nonverbal communication, etc.
Pitch Perfect: Anonymous text message: At the end of every night, each person will send an anonymous text message to the person with whom they felt a connection, which brings tension among those who live in the signal house. The role of predictors: Between scenes, the celebrity panelists—the Love Experts—debate on “who texted who” and predict the love signals.
Slot Winner: Broadcast rights sold to U.S., Taiwan, Hong Kong and Indonesia, among others. Format rights sold to Mainland China. Ranked number one in unscripted show publicity.
Sales Contacts: Dahye Son, Polly Yoon.


Production Company: di turn
Description: (Hip-hop competition) The real “rapper” is at school? Teenagers can audition as easily as going to the toilet during recess. This is a new audition where judges visit schools. Because they are students, they are more outspoken. And in schools, they become more honest. A story of the hip rapper lifestyle of teenagers!
Pitch Perfect: Flushing the toilet to eliminate contestants in round one. Giving a spoonful of food to pass contestants in round two. Opening the door of the toilet cubicle and starting to rap to take up a challenge in round four. The above format points are devices that make the most of the school space and are essential to highlight the entire concept of the show and to build a structured TV format. And of course, this idea is unique and fun to watch.
Slot Winner: We think this is an interesting idea for short-form auditions. And we are sure it’s a highly accessible format to our target audience of teenagers and young adults who are familiar with short-form content. And lastly, this show can attract students from all over the world. The real life of high school students around the world will draw curiosity and empathy from peer groups, which will lead to interest in the show.
Sales Contacts: Jade Song, Ji-Sung Kim.

B.I.B (Battle in the Box)

Production Company: N Media
Distribution Company: Something Special
Description: (Studio game-show/reality format, 8×50 min.) When the wall starts moving, the excitement begins! Two pairs of celebrities enter into a box made of two rooms. They must battle each other to secure bigger space and more cash!
Pitch Perfect: What would it be like to move in with someone who has a different lifestyle? How would you effectively share space and a budget while keeping a good relationship? Two pairs of celebrities become a team and they must battle each other to secure a bigger space and earn more cash to buy daily necessities. The more battles your team wins, the bigger space you can possess! With more gameplays, the winning team can take everything in the Box!
Sales Contacts: Jin Woo Hwang, Insoon Kim.

Open to Love

Production Company: IMTV
Distribution Company: IMTV
Description: (Dating show, 1×90 min. & an hour every day individual streaming online) A new approach to dating formats with this zero-contact show.
Pitch Perfect: The participants will open their lives 24 hours a day on the romantic server (online) so that other participants and their supporters can watch. This is how they begin online dating. Will they be able to go through several online dates and end up meeting offline? This is a real dating program for young men and women who would like to start dating for real online without any bluffs or masks. From the participants who’ve opened their lives to the online supporters who coach the participants, the romantic server has no time to rest!
Sales Contact:

BCWW 2020

Description: BCWW has been the most efficient content acquisition and networking event in Asia, introducing outstanding content in the world. We invite you to the center of the ever-changing broadcast content market.
Pitch Perfect: The market is the virtual place for online screening of exhibitors’ contents, video conferences and business matchmaking. The conference has 20 sessions, including keynotes by leading industry experts from home and abroad. In the event, various B2C and B2B programs are available.
Contact: BCWW secretariat.