In-Demand: Korean Content at BCWW – Part One


From hit dramas that have traveled the globe to cutting-edge formats, Korea has emerged as a leading content hot spot. This week, World Screen is putting a spotlight on the wealth of shows that will be on offer at BCWW 2020, the Korean content market.

BCWW 2020 will run online from September 7 to 11. BCWW has been the most efficient content acquisition and networking event in Asia, introducing Korea’s outstanding content to the world. The properties below are just some of the numerous hit programs that buyers will be able to screen and acquire at the virtual event.

Zombie Detective

Production Company: KBS
Commissioning Broadcaster: KBS2
Distribution Company: KBS Media
Description: (Black comedy/drama, 70×12 min.) A man born again as a zombie, without any memory of his previous life as a human being, disguises his identity and starts to avenge corrupt humans. Incorporates action, horror, fantasy and romantic comedy themes.
Pitch Perfect: A combination of a variety of genres of drama featuring a zombie—but not that horrible one, a bittersweet zombie that makes the show more unique and interesting. This is a humanistic drama with a zombie you’ve never seen!
Slot Winner: Premieres on KBS2 in mid-September.
Sales Contact: Max G.B Nam.

When I Was the Most Beautiful

Production Company: MayQueen Pictures
Commissioning Broadcaster: Munhwa Broadcasting Corp. (MBC)
Distribution Company: MBC
Description: (Melodrama) A man faces the horrible situation of becoming the brother-in-law of his first crush, who he thought was destined to be with him. He believed she was his soul mate and could give her everything he had, but they become family when she chooses his brother instead of him. Then his brother goes missing. She is still his brother’s wife, but the feelings and desires he had suppressed start surfacing. The love of a woman and two brothers that cross over time and destiny makes us question the salvation of the human soul.
Pitch Perfect: It is a warm but heartbreaking love story of a woman caught between two brothers. The intensity of a love affair and attraction between three characters is capturing the hearts of melodrama lovers.
Slot Winner: Sold to several Asian countries and many inquiries from worldwide.
Sales Contacts: Haewon Chin, Mini Hwang, Woody Choi.

Do You Like Brahms?

Production Company: Studio S
Commissioning Broadcaster: SBS
Distribution Company: SBS
Description: (Music/melodrama, 16×70 min.) The story of a wavering dream and love of a 29-year-old classical music student.
Pitch Perfect: Do You Like Brahms? is a drama that brings together Park Eun-bin and Kim Min-jae, who received attention in the best SBS titles from the second half of 2019 and the first half of 2020. You will be able to meet the actors who were highly praised by the director for expressing dreams, love and delicate emotions well.
Slot Winner: Premiered on SBS on August 31 with sales already concluded to Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and Malaysia, among others.
Sales Contacts:,,

I Can See Your Voice

Production Company: CJ ENM
Commissioning Broadcaster: Mnet
Distribution Company: CJ ENM
Description: (Mystery music game-show format) A terrible singer can be the final winner! Audience and singers have to use their “sixth sense” to figure out who is the terrible singer among the contestants. The final singer who survives till the end wins the prize or gets the chance to release a song.
Pitch Perfect: Licensed to the U.S., U.K., Germany, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Romania, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia and the Philippines.
Slot Winner: Nominated for Best Non-Scripted Entertainment Program at the 44th International Emmy Awards.
Sales Contacts: Diane Min, Alison Chang.

More Than Friends

Production Companies: JTBC Studios, Contents Zium
Commissioning Broadcaster: JTBC
Distribution Company: JTBC Studios
Description: (Drama, 16×70 min.) A series blending fantasy, romance and comedy.
Pitch Perfect: Your ex-crush is now crushing on you? An exciting and sometimes thrilling rom-com between two friends as they shift to being lovers.
Sales Contact: Visit