Asian Academy Creative Awards Extends Entry Period


The Asian Academy Creative Awards (AAA) has applied a two-week extension to its entry deadline, enabling submissions through August 15 without late fees.

Ricky Ow, the chairman of awards for 2020 and president of WarnerMedia Entertainment Networks & Sales across the Asia Pacific, said: “These are very difficult times that we live in, people are struggling to be safe, people are fighting for their livelihoods. I believe that storytelling is just as essential and crucial during these times, storytelling gives us context and meaning to what we are going through. Storytelling connects hearts and people, inspires, brings more empathy and even helps us to escape to another world. So, in this difficult time it is important that we celebrate storytelling. The Academy has decided to extend the award period by another two weeks given how difficult the current situation is and will now close by August 15 and no late fee will apply.”

Registrations for the AAA’s third annual Producers Summit numbered 529, with 122 companies registered across 20 countries. Students and lecturers from 15 higher education institutions joined in the Zoom event as guests of the AAA’s Academy Campus training initiative.

Speakers included three-time International Emmy-nominated Oak3films’ Zaihirat Banu Codelli, NHK Japan’s Rea Gotoh, Carlene Tan, Vaibhav Kumaresh and Anand Babu as well as a study of Emmy-winner Safe Harbour by producer Stephen Corvini. Other topics covered were the international COVID-19 production insurance situation and new broadcasting techniques during the pandemic. The Producers Summit was hosted by E! Entertainment’s Yvette King.