APOS Spotlight: AsiaSat


AsiaSat is celebrating 30 years in the business of offering satellite connectivity and media solutions to clients in the broadcast and telecom sectors.

“We have continued to invest in expanding our satellite fleet and ground solutions to meet customers’ evolving needs,” says Barrie Woolston, chief commercial officer. “The latest offering is our most powerful satellite, AsiaSat 9, which carries advanced satellite technologies and features to provide customers with the highest ever performance in terms of power and efficiency. The latest addition to AsiaSat’s extensive range of value-added services from our Tai Po Earth Station in Hong Kong is our new IP-based hybrid delivery solutions and OTT CDN in the Sky service.” AsiaSat now serves more than 250 television and radio broadcasters.

“Amid the dynamic Asian market, we will put evolving client demands at the center of our product and service development,” Woolston adds.