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TV Movies Screenings Festival Spotlight: Artist View Entertainment


Artist View Entertainment is highlighting a diverse slate at the TV Movies Screenings Festival, including Saving Paradise, which Scott J. Jones, the president of the company, refers to as an “inspirational” tale that “deals with the struggles and reality of what so many people are dealing with in today’s economic world.”

Also on offer is 100 Days to Live, a serial killer thriller: “100 Days to Live has a powerful underlying story that delves into the life of suicide survivors,” Jones says. “I can honestly say I have never been involved with an independent movie that has captured more attention by talk shows and news agents throughout America. It’s extremely well written and has a twist that will fool almost any audience.”

Artist View is also showcasing two romantic adventures, Plus One and Navigating Love.

Navigating Love is a straightforward story that so many people can relate to,” Jones says. It simply deals with the beginning, middle and end of a marriage. From there we follow our leading lady as she figures out how to survive being single in today’s dating world.”

Plus One is about a young married couple who become involved with another woman and must learn to navigate a three-way relationship. “Plus One is a fairly unique romantic adventure,” Jones says. “In dealing with the fantasy of bringing an extra person into the bedroom it allows the viewer to see the ups and downs of how a situation like this can affect a relationship. The film has a certain amount of sexual energy but it is safe for broadcast due to the way it was shot.”

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