TV Movies Screenings Festival Spotlight: Tesera Entertainment


Gene George’s Tesera Entertainment has a stable of TV movies to offer the global buying community, with A Mother’s Secret and Christmas Together among the selections in the TV Movies Screenings Festival.

“Thrillers continue to deliver strong ratings around the globe,” says George, the president of Tesera. “Starring Brittany Underwood in a chilling role, A Mother’s Secret is a perfectly crafted, edge-of-your-seat movie that takes you on a tense, wild ride with a surprise ending.”

In Christmas Together, a woman leaves New York for L.A. after a breakup and falls in love while renting the guest house of a young father. “Holiday movies are perfect fare in today’s world for all of us who are seeking feel-good, escapist entertainment,” George says. “Christmas Together is a heartfelt romance about two people who meet unexpectedly and fall in love over the holidays. As a viewer, it checks all the boxes.”