TV Movies Screenings Festival Spotlight: Artist View Entertainment


Artist View Entertainment is introducing its clients to Oscar’s Eye, also a highlight in the TV Movies Screenings Festival.

Oscar’s Eye follows the unlikely friendship forged between a repairman and a young boy who cannot speak. Its cast includes Beau Bridges, Jessica Parker Kennedy, Scotty Tovar, Ross Partridge and Bruce Davison.

“Beau Bridges leads an ensemble cast in this heartwarming film, blending emotion and hope seamlessly,” says Scott J. Jones, president. “The film’s universal themes and compelling performances will resonate deeply with audiences and buyers alike.”

Also available from Artist View is the female-led thriller Faultline, in which two sisters must band together to overcome the past. “With the plot twists and edge-of-your-seat suspense, this film is sure to excite,” Jones says.