Series Mania Creates Rio de Janeiro Workshop


Series Mania has launched the Rio de Janeiro Workshop, the first workshop by the organization outside of Europe.

The event is set to take place October 1 to 5 ahead of the International Film Festival in Rio and the Rio Market. The program, targeted at Brazilian producer/showrunner pairs with a series project, is designed, organized and delivered by the Series Mania Institute, the educational arm of Series Mania.

The aim of the project is to give participants a good understanding of the international series market, as well as practical advice on how to better understand the European co-production market, ultimately creating a bridge between Brazil and the European market.

Eight duos have been selected from all over Brazil to participate, including showrunner Raul Perez and producer Fernanda Lomba (Angelao, Mundi); showrunner Mini Kerti and producer Clarisse Goulart (Collapse, Conspiração Filmes); showrunner Daniel Arcades and producer João Pedro Maciel Schlaepfer (End of Year, Têm Dendê Produções); showrunner Carolina Ziskind and producer Mayra Faour Auad (, MyMama Entertainment); showrunner Ana Pacheco and producer João Roni (The Jungle Saviors, Ocean Films); showrunner Tamiris Hilário de Lima Batista and producer Bartolomeu Luiz (K-Gods, Arruda Filmes); showrunner Erico Rassi and producer Cristiane Miotto (New West, Vietnam Films); and showrunner Thiago Luciano and producer Mara Lobão (The Reinserted, Panorâmica).

These duos are to be mentored by screenwriters Felipe Braga (Lov3, Samantha!, Sintonia) and Michaela Sabo (Black Widows, Widow, Perfect World). Several industry professionals are set to address them, including Koby Gal Raday (Beta Film), Maria Angela Jesus (Paramount) and Emmanuelle Guilbart (About Premium Content). More contributors include Pierre Ziemniak (Series Mania Institute), Maria Garcia-Castrillon (Dopamine) and Vanessa Loubineau (Artem Studio Juridique).

“Series Mania is expanding abroad,” said Laurence Herszberg, founder and general director of Series Mania, who will also be contributing. “Its expertise is now to train talents all over the world in their homes countries, whilst taking into account the challenges of local industries. We are delighted to be organizing this first workshop abroad which will serve as the beginning for new workshops in other continents.”