MIPTV Spotlight: Global Screen


Global Screen’s family entertainment feature Curious Tobi and the Treasure Hunt to the Flying Rivers involves solving the riddle of a treasure chest and finding the mysterious flying rivers.

Curious Tobi was a smash hit when it was released in theaters domestically, so we are really proud to bring it to families across the world as well,” says Brianne Bonney, senior VP of international TV acquisitions and sales.

Kidnapped—Facing the Darkness is a TV movie featuring a ransom handover and courtroom confrontation with the culprits. Bonney notes, “Kidnapped is an enticing thriller that has viewers so intrigued until the end that it’s hard to believe it’s based on a true story.”

The TV movie She Says, He Says follows an accusation of rape being heard in a criminal trial at the Berlin District Court. It deals with timely topical issues and “comes to us from a highly acclaimed author and has a realism that will mesmerize audiences,” Bonney says.