MIPTV Spotlight: Gaumont


In development with Gulli, Bionic Max is one of Gaumont’s kids’ highlights, targeting young viewers between the ages of 6 and 11.

The 2D buddy comedy follows two friends as they escape from a lab and have to learn how to blend in with the animals of Central Park.

Gaumont is showcasing the title at MIPTV alongside Belle and Sebastian, an animated program based on the original live-action show from the 1960s. “The series is about a courageous young boy from the Alps who befriends an exceptionally large and generous dog that is unwanted by most because of her size,” says Vanessa Shapiro, the company’s president of worldwide TV distribution and co-production.

There is also Furiki Wheels, a slapstick comedy geared toward the 6-to-11 demo about a hyperactive young sloth. “Our goal is to create a range of compelling and engaging children’s projects that will become part of the Gaumont heritage,” notes Shapiro.

In addition, Gaumont is offering to international buyers the hit drama Narcos, which has been streaming on Netflix. “We are thrilled that we can finally answer the worldwide demand for the show as the TV linear rights are becoming available for the first time,” says Shapiro.

The market will also see the international debut of NOX, a Creation Originale series for Canal+. “This unique crime drama is set in the tunnels beneath the city of Paris and follows the story of a retired cop forced out of retirement when her daughter, also a cop, disappears in the mysterious underworld,” explains Shapiro. “With two strong female leads, NOX delivers what audiences are looking for: a nail-biting thriller with an outstanding cast and suspenseful plot.”

And in The Art of Crime, another highlight for the company at the market, an unlikely duo comes together to solve a series of crimes.