MIPTV Spotlight: Dori Media Group


Inspired by the biblical story of Saul and David, Hammam is among the lead offerings from Dori Media Group.

The six-part drama is set against the backdrop of an abandoned military base in the desert.

Further highlights include the psychological crime drama Mercy on Us and the entertainment show Heaven Can Wait. “Mercy on Us builds on the genre’s success by giving viewers what they love about the genre while adding a twist that will keep them returning after every episode,” says Carolina Sabbag, VP of sales for Western Europe, the U.S. and Canada. “It also meets current viewer appetite for shorter seasons and episode durations.”

Heaven Can Wait sees celebrities witness their own fake funerals. Sabbag says it is “easy to adapt for audiences all over the world.”

“Dori Media remains committed to our clients with a diverse catalog of award-winning, popular and buzzworthy content,” she notes.