MIPTV Spotlight: CJ ENM


At MIPTV, CJ ENM is featuring two unscripted formats, Couple Palace and King of Karaoke: VS, alongside a scripted K-romance series, Lovely Runner.

Couple Palace brings together 100 singles in search of life partners based on their ideal marriage values, physical appearances and economic statuses. “This format captures the dynamic intricacies of modern relationships and the realities of the marriage market and is sure to captivate international viewers with its compelling portrayal,” says Sehee Jang, head of global marketing.

King of Karaoke: VS combines the joy of musical experiences with the exhilaration of competitions.

Meanwhile, the romance series Lovely Runner follows the journey of an A-list celebrity whose life takes a dramatic turn and a woman who embarks on a time-traveling mission to save him.

“We look forward to engaging with industry professionals and audiences alike at MIPTV,” adds Jang.