MIPCOM Spotlight: Global Agency


Celebrities are given makeovers to transform their appearance before going incognito to take care of kids who are unaware that they are spending the day with one of their idols in the Global Agency reality-entertainment format Babysitter Celebrity Undercover.

In the cookery format Golden Spoon, a mother’s homemade dish faces off against a re-creation whipped up by a professional chef, with their children serving as the judges. Six senior women and six senior men head off to a health resort in the mountains, where they get to know one another and experience new adventures in Sanatorium of Love. Izzet Pinto, the founder and CEO of Global Agency, says the company has “added successful formats from Poland, France and Japan.”

A romantic adventure propels the Global Agency title Daydreamer, which sees two independent souls, Sanem and Can, discover love and one another in the heart of Istanbul. Sisters Ümran and Umay are driven apart by love and betrayal, and their hostility toward one another leads to a conflict between their daughters, Hayat and Hayal, as they uncover their mothers’ secret in Sisters. Over the course of Evermore’s three seasons, a love story has played out between wealthy businessman Faruk and a poor singer named Süreyya, who is battling against deep-rooted family traditions. Along with adding premium dramas and original formats to its catalog, Global Agency “will also be focusing on our best-selling titles and entering new territories,” says Pinto.

He adds, “We are excited to share our new strong lineup with our clients during MIPCOM.”